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Can Re-forestation Act Helps to Control COVID 19 Pandemic?

If we talk about the entire world, almost every other person faces inadequate health facilities and unemployment issues. The reason behind it is the current COVID-19 disease that started in China last year and now spread every part of the world. Due to this, many industries shut down, and the global GDP has fallen suddenly to more than 3 percent.

As all of our assets are at stake, we should try to do something that avoids such viruses in the future. Keep ignoring it can cause severe issues in the future. Also, scientists say that viruses are now part of our life, which we would expect at an excessive amount in the future.

When we talk about re-forestation, it can play an essential role in preventing or controlling the deadly viruses because everyday humans and animals are becoming very closer, which is creating various diseases.

The logic behind Re-forestation to Prevent COVID-19 pandemic

IF we talk about the past few years, the forests cutting is going on at a rapid speed. The reason behind it is the people who create essential for humans from it. Therefore, the cutting of these forests become necessary as personal usage.

Researchers say that cutting forests not only harming the climates, but it also becomes a reason for humans and animals to come closer. Due to the fewer forests, animals are not getting the type of life they wanted to live. Meanwhile, people are at their homes due to pandemic, so every city looks like a location without humans.

If you are living in Canada, you can understand the things mentioned here. Moreover, at various stages, TV channels showed the existence of precious animals that were not seens for a long time, roaming around the cities. This closeness is linked to multiple viruses that are jumping from animals to humans. The same is the case with the old SARS virus, the older version of the Coronavirus. In this virus, the transformation started from the animal to humans. Same, the current virus is expected to be spread due to the animal market in the Wuhan City of China.

Therefore, it’s essential to start the re-forestation of our cities and countries to help stop viruses like COVID-19 in the future. It will allow wildlife to stay in their area, which is enormous forests and jungles. It will prevent the maximum closeness of animals and humans so that the chances of current and future virus exposure become zero.

How can you Perform Re-forestation in Langley?

If you are living in Langley city of Canada and want to do a re-forestation process to keep the city or your environment safe, then it’s better to consider Langley tree service. Tree services are best to perform this type of work to get a better result. Let say the trees in your area are dead; it can affect the performance of others as well. So considering Tree pruning Langley service can help you in the tree removal process to save other trees and make the area prevented for other viruses.

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