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Questions to ask when hiring a tree service

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Tree Removal Langley Company

So, you have a plan to beautify and improve your home. The trees in your yard look sick and need to be removed. You want to get rid of the old stump and get the shrubs and trees of your yard cut down. You have done most of the tasks yourself but you have noticed that there are a few tasks such as tree removal and pruning that need professional expertise. Yes, it is right! When it comes to tree care and service, the task of tree pruning and removal is a bit dangerous and cumbersome for ordinary people. Certain equipment and experience are required while working with trees to avoid causing injury to people or property. So, the rule of thumb is to go for hiring a professional tree removal company so that it can take care of your tree needs.

Hiring a tree removal Langley service is not an easy and straightforward process. Proper planning and foresight are required. But still, the question is how you can find a reputable and trustworthy tree removal company. Believe me, the answer is very simple!

Want to hire a tree removal service? Saying yes? Here is a guide that lists the top 10 questions that you must ask before hiring Langley Tree Service. Just make sure that you understand and are satisfied with their answers so that you can not only protect your interests but can get your money’s worth as well. These questions are important to ask if they are not mentioned on their website. Let’s get into these questions!

  1. Is there any Proof of Insurance?

Proof of insurance is also very important when you are hiring a tree removal company. You must ask the company about the proof of insurance so that if there is any damage, injury, or accident during the process of tree removal, the company will be liable to cover those damages.

If there is no proof of insurance, the whole tree removal process may end up costing a lot of money that you do not have. Plus, make sure that your potential company is ISA certified.

  1. Will They Provide a List of References?

This is one of the most important questions you must ask from the tree service company. Ask for the list of references or reviews of their customers for the past month, not so old. A reliable and quality tree removal company is always happy to share a list of its happy and satisfied customers. By getting the list, you can get to know that the company that you are going to hire offers the best service or not.

  1. How Old is Your Company?

Every homeowner wants to take the services of an experienced tree removal Langley. These days, there are many inexperienced and seasonal companies. Therefore, it is important to ask how old your company is. Opt for the company that has at least five or ten years of experience because the companies who have just a few years of experience in the industry often fail as they do not do their business well.

  1. How Long Will it Take to Complete the Tree Removal Process?

It is your right to know how long it will take to complete the tree removal process. Look for three or four companies and go for a tree removal company that provides the shortest time to complete the job and at the best price.

  1. Is the Company Demanding Money Up Front?

Ask if your potential company is demanding money upfront. If this is the case, never pay that before a job is completed.

  1. What is Included as Part of the Tree Service Fee?

Before hiring a tree pruning Langley company, you must find out what is included as part of the tree service fee. Most companies charge a fee for the travel time as well as mileage. In this case, it is better to select a local tree removal service.

In addition, it is always recommended to make high estimates. If you make low estimates, chances are you may get disappointed by hearing about the fee. It is better to ask for written estimates.

  1. What is Your Policy If the Damage is done to Your Property?

While cutting trees, damage may be done to your property, so it is mandatory to ask about the policy of the company in case of damage done by the team.

  1. Can Your Supply a Detailed Written Proposal?

You may also ask the company about a detailed written proposal. It may include the schedule of work, references, or other necessary details.

  1. What Type of Equipment You Will Use?

You may also ask for the equipment to be used in the tree removal process. Before leaving your work for a tree service company, it is important to know about the plumbing or electrical lines that may run below your lawn.

  1. Is the Company Appear Professional?

Before hiring a tree service, also consider whether the company appears professional or not.


The task of cutting down the trees at height involves some risks, for example, passing of electrical or plumbing wires or the risks associated with nearby homes or buildings. Proper training is required to do such tasks. Therefore, it is always recommended to leave such tasks for a professional tree removal service.

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